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Your neighborhood pharmacy, proudly serving Mathews County since 1922.

The Farmers and Fishermens Building was built in 1920, originally housing the Farmers and Fishermens Bank. In 1922, brothers Bailey and Diggs Hudgins and C. Bernard Hudgins, RPh (who grew up in what is now White Dog Bistro), open Hudgins Pharmacy in the location of the previous Farmers and Fishermens Bank, after the bank moved across the street. Signs of the old bank are still present in the pharmacy, including the banks vault and original safe. Hudgins Pharmacy was a popular attraction on Main Street, with a soda fountain and lunch counter (which were removed in the 1960’s), and is still a Mathews Street favorite after over 90 years of service.


Upon opening in 1922, Hudgins was the first pharmacy in the area to double-cap liquid prescription bottles.

Also in 1922, Hudgins was the first to introduce Horns Ice Cream from Norfolk, which was delivered by boat to Williams Wharf. Shortly after this addition, the pineapple ice sundae was introduced and became the most popular sundae in the area for over eight years.

From 1922-1930, the wholesale market for Hudgins (and other Mathews businesses) was not Richmond or Norfolk (no roads), but Baltimore, as drugs were shipped down the Bay by Norfolk-Baltimore Line to Williams Wharf by steamers Mobjack, Hampton Roads and the General Matthews.

In 1923, Hudgins was the first drug store or soda fountain to have an ice crusher machine, which was hand-operated.

In 1925, Hudgins was the first pharmacy in the area to provide customers with printed directions on a prescription using a typewriter. Labels were handwritten in most areas as late as 1940.

August 18, 1945 Bernard Hudgins, RPh filled the 100,000th prescription.

In 1949, Hudgins was the first pharmacy in the area to establish a major franchise, Revlon. In order to do this, B.D. Hudgins had to go to the Revlon headquarters on Madison Ave., NY.

In 1951, Hudgins was the first pharmacy to have two or more pharmacist on duty at the same time, when John Tabb, RPh was hired. In 1960, C.B. Hudgins, RPh, J.R. Lewis, RPh, Robert Webb, RPh, Robert Runninger, RPh, and Thomas Rayfield, RPh were hired.

In 1962, Hudgins filled their 300,000th new prescription.

On June 23, 1963, James R. Lewis, RPh (who was then the owner) won the Bowl of Hygia Aware for the State of Virginia: “Outstanding Community Service in Pharmacy”.

In 1974, Hudgins became the first pharmacy to offer senior citizens a 10% discount on prescriptions.

In 1975, Hudgins filled their 500,000th new prescription, making them the first pharmacy in the area to fill over 1 million prescriptions.

Today, Hudgins continues their service to Mathews and the surrounding communities. We welcome our new pharmacist, Chiquita Loving to Hudgins Pharmacy to continue the longstanding tradition of providing our pharmacy services and expertise to our patrons.